How to enlarge your limbs with baking soda

You can find a wide variety of information on the World Wide Web on how to enlarge your penis with soda. Some claim that sodium bicarbonate is a harmless and effective product, while others insist that the use of fine white powder will only harm health and will not lead to the expected effect. As a result, the question arises: is it possible to increase the male penis with soda? To answer it, you need to understand everything in detail.

Penis Enlargement With Soda - Myth Or Reality?

baking soda in a spoon to enlarge the penis

Despite the conflicting reviews, you should pay attention to the fact that sodium bicarbonate is able to dilute the blood, quickly penetrating the tissues of the genital organ. Baking soda, however, does not boast of ingredients in its composition that could directly affect the length of the phallus. Nevertheless, soda helps to enlarge the penis, but the effectiveness of the performed technique largely depends on its type, frequency and individual characteristics of the man's body.

As mentioned, baking soda can help improve blood circulation. This happens by cleansing the body of toxins. The lack of harmful impurities has a positive effect on the potency and size of the penis. As a result, the man and his partner are left with the impression that the penis has increased in length and width.

Proponents of this method argue that it is more rational to use penis enlargement soda in combination with stretching exercises, such as jelking. If you believe these reviews, then the use of baking soda and regular exercise have a positive effect on the elasticity of the tissues of the penis. This is manifested in the lengthening of the genital organ with a parallel improvement in the intensity of blood flow.

How to enlarge a man's penis with baking soda

a man measures the penis before enlarging with soda

A less popular method of penis enlargement is to take baking soda by mouth. The fact is that it is based on cleansing the body of toxins, therefore does not guarantee stunning results. Nevertheless, this method can have a positive effect on a man's body, eliminating diseases that for one reason or another do not allow the penis to sink into the maximum erect state.

Take sodium bicarbonate on an empty stomach in the morning, dissolving 0, 5 tsp in 100-150 ml of water, or ¼ tsp powder between meals (morning and evening). With noticeable improvement, the intake of baking soda is increased to 1 teaspoon, and in some cases even to 1 tbsp. l.

However, this method is not suitable for men who have an individual intolerance to sodium bicarbonate or have problems with stomach acidity, the functionality of the digestive tract. Therefore, in the presence of inflammatory changes in the gastric mucosa or ulcers, as well as in diabetes or malignant tumors, this recipe will not work. Opponents of this method claim that the use of seemingly harmless product can harm the beneficial microflora of the stomach, negatively affect the acid-base balance.

External application of baking soda is the use of trays, scrubs, ointments, compresses. Their use is not recommended for allergic reactions, wounds on the penis, dry skin, pathological changes of the phallus.

For the bath you will need to dissolve about 1 teaspoon in each 200 ml of warm water. Carbonated drinks. The member is immersed in liquid for 10-15 minutes. Such baths will be useful before the exercises for stretching the penis. This procedure is performed no more than twice a day. Within a month, the man will feel the result, but you should not get carried away with these procedures. If unpleasant sensations, rashes or irritations occur, baths should be discarded. Reviews of supporters of non-traditional methods of penis enlargement show that baths are effective 40-50 minutes before intercourse. Sodium bicarbonate gives elasticity to the penis and improves erection.

Others suggest rinsing your penis slowly with this diluted water. The latter should be infused for 5 minutes. Just before that you need to take a warm shower, after which the genitals dry well. After washing with baking soda dissolved in water, the penis should dry. Then you should not rinse it with plain water. It is advisable to wear comfortable underwear and avoid hypothermia for an hour.

soda porridge for penis enlargement

How else can you enlarge your penis with baking soda? To make a compress, 2 tablespoons of baking soda is mixed with 100 ml of warm water. After the bicarbonate is completely dissolved, the bandage or gauze is moistened and wrapped around the entire phallus. The man at this time can be at ease. If difficulties arise with this, then scented candles and essential oils of lavender, cardamom or cypress will come to the rescue (in no case should they be applied to the penis). The duration of such a procedure is 10-15 minutes. It is noted that the result of the performed procedures is observed after a month.

Another recipe for penis enlargement with soda is to use a homemade ointment. Sodium bicarbonate is mixed with a little water to form a thick slurry. In this consistency, the soda is gently rubbed into the skin of the penis. The procedure is performed slowly as there is a risk of skin injury. The ointment is applied for 10 minutes to three times a day. If a burning and irritating sensation occurs, this method should be abandoned.

You can try to enlarge the penis with soda and honey by preparing a natural scrub based on them. The ingredients are mixed in equal amounts. Such a penis enlargement product is rubbed on the skin of the genital organ with gentle massaging movements. Reviews show that the use of honey together with white powder has a positive effect on the erect condition and improves the skin color of the phallus.

Advantages and disadvantages of the technique of penis enlargement with soda

a handful of baking soda for penis enlargement

Each technique, including the use of baking soda, involves passing a series of tests to increase the parameters of the penis. There is skepticism and risks of injury.

In parallel, all this is accompanied by a low price and low time costs, but no one gives a 100% guarantee.

Some claim that with the help of soda they have managed to increase the penis by a few centimeters, while others complain about the low efficiency of the technique.

Perhaps the key role is played by the individual characteristics of the organism. On the other hand, until you try it on yourself, you will not know all the pros and cons of penis enlargement techniques.

The advantages and disadvantages of penis enlargement with baking soda include:

  • minimum financial costs;
  • it is not necessary to spend a lot of time to perform the technique;
  • improving blood flow and improving the quality of erections;
  • cleansing the body of toxins when consumed internally.


  • it will take at least a month to get the effect;
  • risk of injury from soda crystals;
  • the procedure may be accompanied by a burning sensation;
  • you should pay attention to the presence of contraindications.

What is the benefit?

Unfortunately, most people believe that sodium bicarbonate is only used for cooking and for acids. But a large number of studies are already underway that show that sodium bicarbonate can be used successfully not only for cooking or as an alternative to household chemicals.

Also, baking soda helps to enlarge the penis and is used to treat many diseases.

  1. Before you know how to enlarge your penis with baking soda, you need to get rid of inflammatory conditions. Sodium bicarbonate has a drying, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Taken together, all this leads to the suppression of any inflammation and the development of the disease.
baking soda powder for penis enlargementsoda in a jar for penis enlargement

Application for sexual dysfunction

Baking soda will help to enlarge the penis and will help restore erectile function in men. Often, despite the large amount of masculine dignity, it is difficult for a man to satisfy a woman - the erection weakens, the duration of sexual intercourse decreases, the sensations during sex are blunted.

Sodium bicarbonate does not stimulate arousal, but its use contributes to the rapid and, importantly, free recovery of potency. And the duration of intercourse, as well as the strength of the erection, play an equally important role.

Therefore, knowing how to enlarge the penis with baking soda, you can get rid of the insecurity caused by damage to the genital area.

Penis enlargement with the help of soda is obtained due to the neutralization of the negative influence of exogenous and endogenous factors. Also, sodium bicarbonate stimulates increased blood circulation in the pelvic area, which leads to increased potency.

Drinking baking soda can help treat diseases of the male reproductive system. Sodium bicarbonate normalizes the production of secretions, which allows men to restore hormone levels and normalize the natural processes of formation.

It should be noted that even if you know how to enlarge the penis with soda at home, you must remember that the basis will be a systematic approach. Irregular procedures will not guarantee a stable result. If all the recommendations are followed systematically, the use of sodium bicarbonate will help cleanse the body of toxins and free radicals.

Methods of application

How to apply sodium bicarbonate will depend not only on the quality indicator, but also on the duration of the manifestation of the results. Penis enlargement with soda is a complex activity that can be performed both with the use of local means and with a complex effect.

All methods of penis enlargement with soda have a multifaceted effect. This leads to the fact that at home you can get rid of most diseases and at the same time enlarge your penis with soda for free. The combination of methods helps to get rid of indecision and problems in the sexual sphere.


One way to enlarge your penis with baking soda is to take baking soda by mouth. This application helps cleanse the body and prevents the formation of neoplasms. An important point in this type of use is the activation of all metabolic processes. That is, by taking sodium bicarbonate, you can achieve normalization of weight and restoration of the normal course of all metabolic processes.

If the man is protected from interrupted intercourse and does not rely on fertilization, he will have to use additional barrier methods of contraception.

This method allows you to enlarge the penis with soda at home and is more applicable as a preventive measure, as in advanced diseases it will not be able to provide the desired effect completely.

To prepare the solution, you will need 0, 5 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate and a glass of warm milk. Dilute the soda in the milk and drink this solution. The duration of use of this tool is up to one month. It is recommended to use this recipe once a day, every day.


The intestine is an important organ for the functioning of the body. Maintains the level of immunity and also normalizes the blood supply to the prostate. That is why one of the ways to enlarge the penis with soda is to use prophylactic microenemas.

baking soda solution for penis enlargement

To prepare such microenemas, it is necessary to dilute 1 tbsp. l. sodium bicarbonate with one liter of warm boiled water. Apply microenemas once a day for at least a month.

Alkaline baths

One of the most popular methods of treating diseases of the reproductive system is the use of alkaline baths. This method will not only show how to enlarge the penis with soda, but will also help prevent prostatitis, inflammation in the genital area. These baths help cleanse the body of toxins, get rid of toxins and improve metabolism.

It is better to plan the use of baths in the evening before bedtime. Sodium bicarbonate affects the activity of the nervous system, providing a relaxing effect. This makes falling asleep easier and faster. The water temperature should match the body temperature to avoid skin burns.

To prepare the solution, you need to dilute 500 g of baking soda in 3 liters of water. This solution should be diluted in the bath to a comfortable temperature. The duration of such a bath is up to 30 minutes. You need to finish the bathroom with a contrast shower. The use of this method allows in addition to enlarging the penis and improving health.

Concentrated baths

Another secret to penis enlargement with soda tea is the use of concentrated baths. Their use has no contraindications and side effects. The only warning is damage to the integrity of the skin of the penis - this can cause a burning sensation.

But sodium bicarbonate has powerful regenerative properties and can therefore be used to accelerate the healing of skin lesions.

The recipe gives a quick effect, which manifests itself within the first hour after use.


Soda compress is considered one of the most powerful means of enlarging the penis with the help of baking soda. Stimulates increased blood circulation in the area of application, which leads to a rapid change in the size of manhood. This method can be applied alone at home without fear of negative consequences.

Many men note that after compresses they develop dry skin. To avoid it, after the compress you should apply a nourishing cream on the surface of the penis and be careful that the soda does not dry out the skin of the penis.

soda compress for penis enlargement

This recipe for augmentation requires a minimum of ingredients. To prepare the compress, you will need a few drops of water to bring the sodium bicarbonate to the consistency of a paste.

The exposure time of the compress is up to 15 minutes. If you look at the penis after rinsing the composition, you can see redness and feel a slight influx of heat in the area of the penis - this is caused by increased blood circulation. The increase in size is noticeable within a few minutes after rinsing.


There are also videos on the web where penis enlargement soda is used as a component in massage. In addition, honey can be included in the massage mixture. This technique allows you to stimulate blood flow more actively, as several methods are used at once to increase the size of manhood.

It can be seen that honey helps for more pronounced results. This is due to the large amount of anti-inflammatory components in the composition. The recipe for penis enlargement with baking soda with honey is very simple: you need to mix honey and sodium bicarbonate until smooth and this mixture is used to massage the penis.

photo of a member before and after enlargement with soda

The result of how you can enlarge your penis with baking soda can be seen in the picture before and after. Helps visualize the use of baking soda for penis enlargement in action. At home, you can support the growth process yourself by starting to use baking soda in adolescence.

baking soda for penis enlargement

Penis enlargement with soda is the most modern method to solve this delicate male problem. Surgery reliably ensures that the penis will get bigger, but not every man is ready to go under the knife and not everyone has the means to do so. The use of soda is much more affordable and therefore more popular. Whether there is a result is an ambiguous question. Many members of the stronger sex who used this method to enlarge the penis on themselves were satisfied. But there are those who find this method ineffective and dangerous and even risky.

Some popular ways to enlarge the penis

Today there are many ways to enlarge the penis: surgery, taking supplements, using special creams, vacuum pumps, and aggravating agents that can harm men's health. In addition, massage is recommended for penis enlargement, and traditional medicine does not stand aside.

One of the popular methods of penis enlargement that has been used successfully for a long time is the use of baking soda. This method can be easily combined with other methods such as massage. Another advantage of using baking soda is its relative safety, unlike many questionable creams. After the operation, there is a risk that the man will not be able to function fully sexually. Weights are not safe as they can damage the penis.

Soda applications

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a white powder. It has a large number of useful properties that are used in cooking, cleaning, and for the treatment of many diseases. Soda is used to treat thrush in women, but there are other uses for this product for men.

Before you learn how to enlarge your penis with baking soda, you need to decide if you really need it. Scientists have long proven that a woman's sexual satisfaction does not require a large genital organ - technology is important here. But if the man dares to take such drastic measures, it is better to start with the simplest, most accessible and relatively natural method, such as the use of baking soda.

soda solution for penis enlargement

How to properly use baking soda to enlarge the penis

With the help of soda, which almost everyone has in the house, you can make baths for the penis. They will help strengthen the penis. To make a bath, you need a teaspoon of baking soda for a glass of warm water. You need to bathe for at least 15 minutes. This procedure is recommended to be done one hour before sexual intercourse. Many men in their reviews said that the result after using this method is weak. But almost everyone noted that even if there was no enlargement of the penis, its elasticity increased very significantly.

You can also use baking soda as a scrub. To do this, you must first moisten the penis and then rub the soda along its entire length with gentle movements. As a result of these manipulations, blood begins to flow actively in the genitals. But you have to keep in mind the downside of this method. Baking soda can irritate and burn your penis. It must be applied very carefully. Although sodium bicarbonate particles are very small, they can injure the very thin and sensitive skin of the penis, causing pain. Cleaning with baking soda strengthens the erection and, although slightly, really enlarges the penis. To consolidate the result, it is recommended to use soda with milk, it will strengthen overall health.

soda scrub for penis enlargement

Not so popular, but also an effective method of using baking soda for penis enlargement is the use of compresses. The soda is spread on a clean cloth (it can be a bandage, folded in several layers), slightly soaked and applied to the body. You can leave this compress for 15-20 minutes, but no longer.

Do not allow the soda to get on the head of the penis, so as not to hurt him!

In about two months of using baking soda, the penis gains about an inch, and in some cases even more. It all depends on the body and complexion of the man.

Remember that the use of baking soda can cause allergies. After the procedure, it is mandatory to rinse the penis with warm water, without soap.

soda and a towel to compress the penis

Contraindications to the use of soda

There are virtually no significant contraindications, but you should not forget about precautions. Do not forget to check the expiration date of this product, follow the prescribed dosage, massage and exfoliate only with clean hands. These simple measures will protect you from unwanted consequences.

Do not be upset if there is no effect after the first application of soda. In order to notice any result, soda should be used regularly for two or even four months. This is hard work that requires great perseverance and dedication.

Increasing baking soda may not be appropriate for those men who have an individual intolerance to sodium bicarbonate. Therefore, if you have any discomfort or unusual reactions as a result of using baking soda, it is better to choose another method of penis enlargement. Otherwise, you can not only not improve the appearance of the penis, but also get health problems.

If a man does not have a large enough penis, he may lose self-confidence, become depressed and, as a result, lose interest in sexual life, fearing that intimacy with a sexual partner will not bring the last pleasure. For a man you need to feel confident in bed, to know that he is finished. The use of baking soda can solve this serious problem. Good luck!