Maral Gel Buy Pharmacy

Features Maral Gel

Maral Gel – a vehicle to increase the penis in size, gain an erection, increased stamina during sexual intercourse. Featured penis enlargement treatment also super gel high yield, inflammation, prostate. Gel suitable for men, over 18 years of age. A drug or biologically active additives, sold or pharmacy. Contains hormones, and is addictive.

Active components of motion

Root extract (essence lewisia sweet mountain), equivalent to acid, B-complex vitamins, essential oils.

Gel Maral Gel not sold at pharmacies. How to buy it?

The only order on the official website of the Romania. To order, fill in the application form is required. All areas of the room teaspoon mail. After receiving the payment.

Can I use Maral Gel during sexual intercourse? Of the penis, which is necessary to apply the gel 20-30 minutes before intercourse. As a result, you'll feel a strong desire to the environment lasting erection duration can reach up to 4-5 hours of sexual contact, and an orgasm will be too bright .